The Mustang

Kevin Gallagher
“Hi. I’m Kevin. Some of you may know me as the sulky kid looking at the ground 24/7, but as you will find out, there’s more to my soul than just bitter retorts. So let’s dispel some common rumors circulating about me. 1) I can, in fact, love things—from most to least: Dylan Hendrickson, then myself (but we’re really the same <3), Harry Potter, Brian, the other brothers. 2) My car isn’t really a manual—it’s an automatic with a stick in the middle and I make vroom vroom sounds when the gears change. Please don’t tell anyone else about this; I still want the babes to be impressed ;). 3) My name is not Kevin. Please accept my new name “Kevin G”. No “Kevin” or “G-man” or “Kelvin G”. Just “Kevin G”. I’ll learn the rap shortly.”- Dylan Hendrickson

Kevin Gallagher, Sports Editor

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