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3D Modeling: A New Approach to Art

This photo is actually a 3d render. Unfortunately this house does not exist but by learning how to 3d model you can create rooms like this too!
September 26, 2020

Generally, when we think of art, traditional mediums like painting, theater, and writing come to mind. However, there is another dynamic realm of art that goes largely unnoticed, especially among teenage...

Plants Growing out of New Campus Mural

Plants Growing out of New Campus Mural
February 16, 2017

Senior Stephanie Beraud has never taken an art class here at SDA, but that has not impeded her artistic expression. Beraud’s most recent art piece, which she spent a semester on campus creating, was...

Today At SDA: Mural Nearly Finished

Today At SDA: Mural Nearly Finished
November 16, 2016

Painting students work on some of the last  uncompleted pieces of the newest mural today.  The mural celebrates 80 years of San Dieguito, featuring alumni and current principal Bjorn Paige.

Ozzie Arrives in the P Quad

Students roll Ozzie down the grassy hill by the 20s building.
November 3, 2016

SDA's newest addition to campus arrived in its new home at the end of the school day today. Wrapped in blankets and caution tape, Ozzie the Seahorse made his journey from the sculpture room down to the...

Today at SDA: Rain Doesn’t Stop the Art Kids

Today at SDA: Rain Doesn't Stop the Art Kids
October 17, 2016

The painting class worked on their newest mural in the rain during fourth period today.

SDA Throws Faculty/Alumni Art Show

SDA Throws Faculty/Alumni Art Show
September 14, 2016

Students and staff filled the Mustang Gallery on Tuesday, as 22 alumni and previous and current staff showed off their art at the "80 Years: San Dieguito High School Academy Alumni & Faculty Show” after...

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