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seniors comedy sportz on zoom

Comedy Sportz celebrates Senior Night

May 24, 2021
Comedy Sportz played their last game of the season on May 22. They celebrated Senior Night and nominated next year’s club leaders.
Tall Girl Cast

Netflix, sequels, and reboots

May 19, 2021

Spoiler warning: Spoilers for Netflix’s "Tall Girl" and “Gilmore Girls”   Netflix is producing too many unnecessary sequels and reboots. They are never as good as the first show or movie, and...

Spanish teacher Ivonn Barriga with her dogs Wrigley and Kona

Spirit Week: Show your pet day

March 19, 2021
Students and staff showed off their pets in class today for the last day of Spirit Week. It was a great way to connect with everyone while still doing online classes.
Hospice of the North Coast Resale Shop in Encinitas, CA

Six thrift stores to check out in Encinitas

March 18, 2021

Thrifting is a great way to get unique and sustainable pieces to add to your closet, especially when you are on a budget. Encinitas has a bunch of really cool thrift stores that you can shop at, so hopefully,...

Musicians on TikTok: A New Way To Make It Big

February 25, 2021

TikTok, an app where people can post and watch 15-60 second videos, has become a place where people can share their artistic endeavors and small businesses. In particular, many small musicians have gained...

Tables have signs that tell students not to sit in certain spots near the Mustang Commons and around campus

What it is like to be a student back on campus

February 18, 2021
What you need to know about life back on campus
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